Why were slaveholders politically dominant

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Southern United States

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Founding Fathers and Slaveholders

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A slave with artisan skills could cost up to the equivalent of $56, Eight of the fifteen presidents who served during these years were southern slaveholders, and of the remaining seven, three were "doughfaces," northern men with southern principles.

What is more, not one of the northern presidents served two terms, whereas four of the southerners did. Slavery Apology "It appears that the politically correct news media controls our thinking. Should we apologize for slavery? First let us go back and see slavery for what it was in the old south.

Unfortunately for them because they have white skin in todays politically correct world, they are typically lumped in with the slavemasters and overseers and treated as if they were slavemasters.

Even though the Irish were slaves, because they happen to be born with white skin that means they are a slavemaster. File:Bombardment of Fort Sumter, png. The main explanation for the origins of the American Civil War is slavery, especially Southern anger at the attempts by Northern antislavery political forces to block the expansion of slavery into the western territories.

States' rights and the tariff issue became entangled in the slavery issue, and were intensified by it. Black women were often the most politically active women during Reconstruction and regularly attended national conventions as delegates. This was especially true in the North where black women had taken the lead in the abolitionist movement for decades.

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