Strategies of aquafina

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Bottled Water in Thailand

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Pepsi Marketing Mix

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What is AQUAFINA: Aquafina is a brand of bottled water products produced by PepsiCo. The consistent purity and great taste of Aquafina are guaranteed by means of a state-ofthe-art purification process that includes reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.5/5(1).

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In NovemberPepsiCo announced a restructuring initiative to split the company into three units, one for food in the US, one for beverages in the US and one for food and drinks abroad. We are discussing the marketing mix of Pepsi. We know that the marketing mix is a dynamic process and is always changing with respect to price and, kudos to Pepsi, which has always kept changing their marketing mix with the changing environment.

Here is. Aquafina is a brand of Pepsico and is one of the largest bottled water supplier in the world. Here is the Marketing mix of Aquafina and its 4 P' company is known for the manufacturing of various snacks and fruit drinks. It has great hold in consumer market.

Aquafina is .

Strategies of aquafina
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