Introduction to business presentation fbla nationals

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Business Achievement Awards

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FBLA does well at state leadership conference

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The FBLA-PBL National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. At the State Leadership Conferences, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills.

Top state winners are then eligible to compete for national awards at the National Leadership Conference each. Welcome to our FBLA website! We are excited to have you become a member of one of the largest student organizations in the nation! Please take some time to take a look at the different areas of our website for more information.

The mission of Missouri FBLA-PBL is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

With twenty-seven conferences, over one-hundred competitive events, and hands-on business challenges, students are prepared to enter the workforce.

This award focuses on basic business skills, introduction to community service, and FBLA involvement at the local level. Pins will be sent to the local chapter adviser for presentation at a local awards ceremony or local FBLA event.

Business Award. Prerequisite: Future Award. This will be Jacobs and Low's second year at Nationals. Sophomores Megan Colvin and Saydi Sullivan qualified for Nationals by taking 4th place in Introduction to Business Presentation Team. This will be Colvin's second year at Nationals and Sullivan's first year.

Introduction to business presentation fbla nationals
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Missouri FBLA-PBL – Bringing Business and Education Together