History of present illness

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Mental Illness and the Death Penalty

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Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

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Age, sex, race, and other important identifying information about patient. CHECKLIST: History of Present Illness Checklist (LOCATES): L Location of the symptom (have the patient point to the specific location, radiation of pain to other locations) O Other symptoms associated with the primary symptom C Characteristic of the symptom (type of sensation, i.e.

sharp or dull pain) A Alleviating Factors (Attempts made by patient to reduce symptom, i.e. lying down. Onset and circumstances of Occurrence of symptom(s). Provocative. and. Palliative. factors. Quality. and/or. Quantity. of symptom. Region. of body and.

Radiation. to other areas. Severity. of symptom (0 to 10 scale, if applicable) and associated. History of Present Illness (HPI) The HPI discusses details of the CC and provides a chronological story, usually with of the following descriptors [1,2]: Location. There are many history present illness lower back pain wonderfully.

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The title “A History of Present Illness” has been borrowed from the first part of a medical chart, a patient’s report as noted by a doctor. Aronson’s stories expand this concept by exploring the treating physicians’ experience of dealing with the patients, their families, hospitals, laws, and so on.

History of present illness
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