Gm food blessing or bane

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Genetically Modified Foods: Boon or Bane?

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The thing of GM crops gates a vital debate, as its critics have several advantages and lecturers to be considered. This list selective breeding process was the first paragraph of genetic modification. GM Foods: Bane or Boon? TVP Editorial April 13, Science 2 Comments. Genetically modified foods are prepared by altering the genetic make – up of plants by inserting genes from one species artificially into another one.

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GM foods, a blessing or curse?

GM foods, a blessing or curse? The long-standing debate about whether Uganda should continue or halt research on genetically modified (GM) food production as a measure to end hunger and. Seeds of doubt Farmers say Switzerland isn't ready for GM plants By Luigi Jorio.

The farming community in Switzerland is not opposed in principle to genetically modified (GM) plants. Aug 09,  · Commonly named GM food, genetically modified food has been able to tackle the problem of shortage of food to a certain extent but with every development of technology, there will be negative impacts lurking.

Genetically Modified Food is a blessing. GM food is crops modified to enhance desired traits, and promises to meet the demand for food for this booming population in the near future.

GM food allows modified crops to be pest-resistant, herbicide-tolerant, disease-resistant, cold-tolerant and drought-tolerant or salinity-tolerant.

Is GM food a blessing or a curse? GM food is more of a curse than a blessing.

Gm Food: Blessing or Bane?

GM food is a blessing when it increases income. With GM food, farmers need not worry about crops being damaged by pests, low rainfall and other problems every year and having to throw away them, resulting in reduced loss of income.

Gm food blessing or bane Gm food blessing or bane
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