Electron beam machining overview

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Electron-beam machining

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Electron-beam technology

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Electron Beam Welding Process, Applications and Equipment

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Electron beam is generated in an electron beam gun. Electron beam gun provides high velocity electrons over a very small spot size. Electron Beam Machining is required to be carried out in vacuum.

Electron-beam machining

Otherwise the electrons would interact with the air molecules, thus they would lose their /5(3). Electron beam melting and refining (EBMR) in a vacuum using an intense electron beam is a widely used, ecologically-friendly method. The electron beam melting and refining of metals is accomplished using electron beams as a heating source in a vacuum chamber with a.

The electron beam is then passed through 2 pairs of deflection plates, where one pair of deflection plates deflects the electron beam in the vertical direction, while a voltage across the other pair deflects the electron in a horizontal direction. Electron Beam Machining is process in which high velocity electrons are concentrated in a narrow beam and then directed towards the workpiece for machining.

When this high velocity electron strikes the workpiece, it melts and vaporizes the material from the workpiece. Working Principle. Laser Beam Machining.

Laser beam machining (LBM) is a thermal energy based advanced machining process in which the material is removed by (i) melting, (ii) vaporization, and (iii) chemical degradation (chemical bonds are broken which causes the materials to degrade).

Electron Beam Machining (EBM)

Electron-beam machining (EBM) is a process where high-velocity electrons concentrated into a narrow beam are directed toward the work piece, creating heat and vaporizing the material.

EBM can be used for very accurate cutting or boring of a wide variety of metals.

Electron beam machining overview
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