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EDITT Tower Singapore: Ecological Design in The Tropics

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Ecoarchitecture: Is the sky the limit?

Green Architect, Extension to London Hospital: A Case Study Green architect Dr Ken Yeang, and his recent plans for a green extension to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Heating Classrooms With "Wasted" Heat: A Case Study.

"I'm an ecologist first, an architect second." Ken Yeang, Ecoarchitect "One of the 50 people who could save the planet." The Guardian. Find out more. National design policy govt of india 8th feb Design for Design education Design centres vision exports innovation hubs Design Design for Designed in for industry India made quality for the world Design Policy Constellation 2 / 10 Design innovation centre.

bangalore Background Study Co-ordinated by: Dr. Malaysian architect and author Dr Ken Yeang has spent 40 years integrating ecological principles into building design, including into city skyscrapers. Healthy Parks, Healthy People Central recently caught up with Dr Yeang to ask him more about his approach to building design.

Ken Yeang. When I spoke to Yeang a couple of years ago I raised the question of aesthetics in green building, jumping off of something Li Hu, the Beijing architect in charge of Steven Holl's. The principals are Tengku Robert Hamzah and Dr. Ken Yeang.

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Both the principals' architectural education were at the AA (Architectural Association) School (London).

Tengku Robert Hamzah, a prince in the Malay Royal family, and had completed the AA Tropical Architecture School course under Dr. Otto Koenigsberger.

Case Studies... Case study of architect dr ken yeang
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