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ATC Assistant

Aiken Technical College puts your goals within reach! Define your own path to success by choosing from more than 60 programs and work with dedicated faculty and staff to create a plan that is just right for you!

Nathan Barger, MA, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer Matthew Foote, MA, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer Amanda Lelkes, MS, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer Andrea Causebrook, MA, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer Caitlyn Harter, ATC Graduate Assistant.

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The Academy for Technology and the Classics. A public college preparatory charter school, cultivating fearless learners in grades 7 through Login. Search form. Search. About Us. About ATC. ATC is seeking nominations for. Brett Lewis, MA, ATC Head Athletic Trainer Nathan Barger, MA, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer Matthew Foote, MA, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer He was named Senior Athletic Trainer in after serving as an assistant athletic trainer.

Prior to serving as a full-time staff member, he served as a graduate assistant athletic trainer for ETSU. The American Tobacco Company. The anti-smoking conspiracy began over a century ago. Skull & Bones members ring-led the creation of the American Tobacco Trust, to gather all the companies under anti-smoker control.

But they knew that they couldn't just take over the tobacco companies and shut them down, because others would simply enter the field.

Atc assistant
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