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- 2 Ton Predator - 3 Inches of Blood - - 36 Crazyfists - 37 STABWOUNDZ - The 3rd and the Mortal - The 69 Eyes - 7Zuma7.

A. Aaskereia - Abattoir - Abdullah - Abhorrent - Abigail - Abigor - Ablaze My Sorrow - Aborted - Abscess - Abstrakt Algebra - Absu - Absurd - The Abyss - Accept - Accu§er - Acheron - Acid -. Definition of antithesis - a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else, (in Hegelian philosophy) the negation of the thesis as.

noun. an interpretive method, originally used to relate specific entities or events to the absolute idea, in which some assertible proposition (thesis) is necessarily opposed by an equally assertible and apparently contradictory proposition (antithesis), the mutual contradiction being reconciled on a higher level of truth by a third proposition (synthesis).

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Define antithetical. antithetical synonyms, antithetical pronunciation, antithetical translation, English dictionary definition of antithetical. also an·ti·thet·ic adj. 1. Being in diametrical opposition: a viewpoint that was antithetical to conventional wisdom.

Definition of Conflict. In literature, conflict is the result of competing desires or the presence of obstacles that need to be overcome. Conflict is necessary to propel a narrative forward; the absence of conflict amounts to the absence of story.

Antithesis def
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The Sound of Silence: The Antithesis of Freedom by A. True Ott, PhD, ND (Dec 12, )